’10 Hornets


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Directions to the Millstone United Travel Soccer Brandywine Soccer Complex

The Hornets to continue building around a strong core 

The Hornets 2010 team is excited to continue its growth through player development with a core group of players having competed in 5v5 and 7v7 games that past couple of seasons.   In addition, the team has spent countless hours on the pitch learning the game, improving their soccer skills, making friends and enjoying each other.   The team is seeking other highly motivated like-minded 2010 players looking to enhance their soccer experience.

Teams train twice a week during the 12-week Fall & Spring seasons.  During the winter, the team focuses on technical training once a week during a 10-week period.  The Hornets compete in EDP-5v5 & MOSA-7v7 in addition to playing in indoor & outdoor tournaments.

The Hornets are coached by Dmitry Golob who is a retired professional international soccer player who competed in the Ukraine and Russia.   Dmitry has an extensive and diverse youth soccer coaching background. He has worked with youth players in the US and abroad for the past 30 years.  Dmitry served in many coaching and training capacities with club and academy teams.

Over the years, Coach Dmitry developed his own approach, techniques and curriculum that gives him an edge over the traditional coaching methods. His approach is designed to engage the brain, requires constant scanning of the field, emphasizes movement in different directions while receiving and passing. Coach Dmitry’s training will help a player increase his/her speed of play and decision making. He strives to make the player perform in tight spaces under severe opponent pressure.  Different aspects of the game will be covered at each training session that the players can take to the game.

Coach Dmitry’s alumni list includes players currently playing college soccer as well as nationally and internationally in Europe.  He is truly a gentleman on and off the field.

The team’s objectives evolve around player development.  The coaches strive to provide players a forum where they can learn the game, make friends, improve technical/tactical skills while most importantly having fun and becoming fans of the sport.


Barcelona Playing out from a Goal Kick

Barcelona Possession Analysis

Lionel Messi Video Analysis

Every player should bring the following to practice:

  • Shin guards (required)
  • Soccer cleats (molded bottoms)
  • Plenty of water
  • Size 4 soccer ball with name written on it