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March Meeting Minutes

March 1st 2017 MUTS meeting 

This month’s meeting was held again at the Community center in Millstone.    

The secretary was delayed in attending so minutes only reflect attendance and a few other updates.

A motion to begin the meeting was made @~8:05p.m by ?: ? 2nd it and they were accepted.

A motion to accept the Feb meeting minutes was made by ? and was seconded by ?, and the minutes were accepted.  

Members/Teams present:  

Blues STILL A TEAM?  (Total team misses: 4)
Terminators Adrian Rivera Carmine Timmoneri 

 (Total team misses: 1)

Jaguars Patrick Greenleaf Craig Vesci

(Total team misses: 4)

Thunder/Lightning/Rain Roman M.

Vaso Todoric

Tom Wolstencroft

Dimitri Visviki

Fabrizio Ficiu

(Total team misses: 2)

Titans Luis Diaz, Atul Verma, 

Anthony Italiano

Jeff Sullivan 

(Total team misses: 2)

Cosmos Brain Kokot  

(Total team misses: 3)

Fury AJ Kleschinsky   Adrian Rivera(Total team misses: 0)
Santos STILL A TEAM?  (Total team misses: 5)
ShockWave Sal Ricci Robb Schaffer

(Total team misses: 1)

Eagles Jose Navroski (Total team misses: 4)
Rangers  Andrian Rivera

(Total team misses: 2)

Others Present:  Gary Mason, Juli Hilbert

Table of Contents

Leagues/Scheduling/Carding: 2

Website Administrator: 3

Fields: 3

REC: 3

Fundraising/FundSpending: 3

MUTS General Business:



 No discussion this meeting.


Sept 22nd @ 5pm will be the date and time of the next MUTs RedBull game.

There will be a RedBulls Soccer summit – Roman will attend.   One additional space is available.


No discussion this meeting.

MUTS and Millstone Park:

 No discussion this meeting.

Partnering Arrangements:

No updates this mtg.

Background checks: 

Gary asked to make sure background checks are current. 


New U10 teams; ‘hornets’ will be formed.  Has about 10-14 boys on the team.

An 07/08 girls team may come over from New Egypt (possibly a U15G team too).

Santos:  only about 5 players want to stay; rest are leaving and getting refunds.  There are only 10 players on roster and many times only 6 will come to a practice.    The team may breakup unless a lot new registrations come in for the age group.

Participation Bond:

No discussion this meeting.


No update this meeting.


  • No update this meeting. 


Carmine reviewed again the profit and loss.  


All schedules are completed for the year.

US Soccer mandates:

No further discussion at this meeting.


No updates this meeting.


No updates this meeting.

 Game Assignments& Refs: 

No negative feedback from ref’s on 3v3 debacle.


No updates this meeting.

Website Administrator:

No updates this meeting.


Field lining is weekend of March 17th (weather permitting). 


No update this meeting.


No updates this meeting.


No update this meeting

Motion to adjourn general meeting at 8:50pm. Seconded by all present