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New Team Registration

MUTS is currently forming new teams for the following birth years:

2005 Boys  
2010 Boys  
2011 Boys
2009 Girls  
2010 Girls  
2011 Girls  

We rely on word of mouth so please forward this information to any players interested in MUTS.  We’ll be holding open training sessions for all of these age categories in March.  Complete the registration form by clicking: REGISTER HERE. Once registered, MUTS will reach out with dates/times/location of the upcoming and future training sessions. Information about the existing team open training sessions for interested players will be sent out once the teams are back outdoors.  In addition, the process will be defined.  Thanks for supporting Millstone United Travel Soccer.

MUTS Mission

Millstone United Travel Soccer strives to use the game of soccer as a tool to develop children to reach their fullest potential on the pitch and in life through the elements found in the game; including competition, teamwork, character development and commitment

How we will achieve our mission?

  1. FUN-CULTURE – Coaches,parents and players work together to build individual skills and confidence while introducing concepts of teamwork, personal responsibility and social / emotional maturity.
    • 4-5 years old: to ignite interest and learn about the game of soccer.
    • 6-7 years old: to spark and imagine what is possible within the game of soccer.
    • 8-9 years old: to develop the basic skills that are necessary to enjoy the game of soccer for the rest of their lives while still keeping the process fun and enjoyable for each child. Team based concepts are introduced via scrimmages; festivals and league play at the coach’s discretion.
    • 10-11 years old: to develop a love for the sport once all the basic skills are obtained and are now seeking a higher level of mastery.  League play, festivals and tournaments are an integral part of the development at this age. Concepts of teamwork and responsibility are critical. Learning to stay humble in victory and positive in defeat are key.
    • 12-14 years old: mastering the basic skills and seek to take the next step in implementing more advanced skills. The fun is in the process of mastering skills and progressing as a player and a human being. Players will compete and learn how to handle the outcomes of games. Scores are not the basis for success but players need to learn how to compete. This is the age where team concepts become critical in development.
    • 13-15 years old: the more advanced teams will compete in order to win and face appropriate challenges that are just barely out of reach, which fuels the fires inside to want to reach the next level. The development also takes into account the physical and maturity level of each gender as the physical and mental aspect of the game changes.
    • 13+ years old: to play to win matches, using all the skills and lessons learned in the formative years, which are finally bringing out the fruits of their labor.  At 14U and above, the outcome of games directly impacts the competition and league play of teams so a diverse approach is needed to cater to the high-level teams while also meeting the needs of the local teams.
  1. FAMILY and COMMUNITY – Through a family and community-based approach, MUTS players spend time during practices, festivals, games and other MUTS events with a strong support and financial structure. Through this process parents are engaged during the formative ages. This will help provide a stronger bond between the club and the parents which ultimately benefits the children.  Educating coaches under the MUTS philosophy give coaches the tools to develop both better people and better soccer players which in turn helps to develop a better community.
  1. FUTURE CHARACTER – Ultimately, the child’s future character and success are what the club will be measured upon. This is the eventual goal that unites us all through the process.  It is important to “Everyone Involved” what happens with his/her child in the future. Whether it is playing at a high soccer level or being the best person that they can be, this is what should drive all of the MUTS decisions. The organization sets us up for a great future while having fun, being a part of a great family and community, working hard, learning, being responsible while competing at the highest level that the player and team can succeed. M

Winter Training has Started

Make sure to check out Team Snap for your schedule! Happy Training!