April Meeting Minutes

April 12th 2018 MUTS meeting

This month’s meeting was held again at the Community center in Millstone.


A motion to begin the meeting was made 8:10pm.m by Brian K and seconded by Carmine T.

A motion to accept the March meeting minutes was made by the same and the minutes were accepted.

Members/Teams present: 

Hornets Paul Phillips

Mickey Spooner


(Total team misses: 1)

Blues Tom Doran

Mickey Spooner


(Total team misses: 6)

Terminators   Carmine Timmoneri

 (Total team misses: 1)

Jaguars Vinny F.  (Total team misses: 5)
Thunder/Lightning/Rain Roman M.

Tom Wolstencroft

Tony Busanick

Kwok Chan

Vanessa Sullivan

 (Total team misses: 2)

Titans Atul Verma,

Anthony Italiano

Karen Cagnetta

(Total team misses: 2)

Cosmos Brain Kokot  

(Total team misses: 3)

Fury     Lilly Mark

(Total team misses: 0)

ShockWave Sal Ricci Sal Masucci

(Total team misses: 1)

Eagles Jose Navroski (Total team misses: 4)
Rangers    Karen Cagnetta

(Total team misses: 2)

Others Present:  Natalie Biello, Sonia Patel

Table of Contents

Leagues/Scheduling/Carding: 4

Website Administrator: 4

Fields: 4

REC: 4

Fundraising/FundSpending: 5

MUTS General Business:

MUTS will be hosting the U19 NJYS state cups on June 2nd and 3rd.   Fields 8 & 4 will be used for the cup games. In return, they are providing the club with some equipment (TBD).

Regular games will still be played that weekend on the other fields.


Tony Italinao will discuss the deed restriction at Brandywine with Ken Payt, real estate laywer, to see if there is anything that can be done about being able to sell items at the fields during the cup games.



Brian and Juli are on the selection committee.

Board position descriptions went out on teamsnap.

Board positions going away:   communication director.




No discussion this meeting.



Sept 22nd @ 5pm will be the date and time of the next MUTs RedBull game.


No discussion this meeting.

MUTS and Millstone Park:

No discussion this meeting.

Partnering Arrangements:

No updates this mtg.

Background checks:

No discussion this mtg.


One day club wide tryouts will be held on April 21st  from 12-2pm.

All teams are encouraged to go to a year round tryout scheme – invite players to practices throughout the year.  At present many clubs are holding tryouts now so try to reach out and get players in.

Be responsive about getting bck to players after tryouts;   No later than a week after tryouts is the best course of action if at all possible.

Think about cutting – if you cut a player they will never come back.   Think about alternate ways of retaining players – for example, trying to create another team, etc..


New team forming:  2009 boys are looking to be formed.   Splitting off of Coach Tom’s team. Vinny reviewed requirements with the Coaches – they need to be certified and it was confirmed that Coach Sonia already had attained her F license and Coach Natalie would be getting it. It was discussed that we have an established team at this age group and that players can’t be poached from that team.   Need to get them from outside of Millstone.

(Roster size is 14 for 7v7 ideally.   But MUTs will try to accommodate all players even if the team is short players – 10 is a minimum).

Coach Tom’s team is now down to 11 2009’s.  The new team has 10 players;  Roman suggests that both new team and existing team work together so that teams don’t fold – share and borrow players if necessary to keep both teams viable.

08 girls team; 09 team – Vinny is coach. But he is ok with the girls going to this team if they haven’t approached him about coming to his team.

Vinny will have the team put on the website so that they can advertise themselves as a team to external players.  They will be a year round program but will focus on Fall.  In Spring they will just practice once a week and will allow other sports to be played.

Roman:  will create teamsnap account for them; send registrations to them and give them access to teamsnap account.

Trainer:  recommend by Ewing HS soccer.  Background is with a lot of high level teams and they are going on 10 years with only E license – Roman has concerns.    But they will try him out with the kids – need to see him train – and then make a decision.

Participation Bond:

No discussion this meeting.


No update this meeting.

Club Training:

  • No update this meeting.
  • MUTS is hosting a USSF 4v4 class; 16 coaches from different places are registered.   About 10 players are needed for the event; need more 6-8yr olds.
  • Coverer camp will be held this summer – the week of Aug 2nd. They will come and do a training/demo of what they will do at the camp.
    • It was suggested that other camps that kids have signed up for already run to the 17th of August – so after that would be ideal. Suggestion to push it out past that week was made but no vote/change at the mtg.
  • MUTS/NJYS: parent education occurred. The club will look to do something like that once or twice a year.
  • Roman mentioned the Millstone United GK school for the younger kids; he is looking for older kids to help out.


Carmine reviewed again the profit and loss.

Club Fees, including Rec fees, will be pulled 1st week of May.  Full fees will be as follows:

$30 per player MUTs fee;  $50 per player Rec fee;  $75 per team for MOSA (only if you play MOSA).

$500 per team for Bond.

$100 per team for club patches.

$50 per family discount card fee.  Charged to oldest sibling in the club.


All schedules are completed for the year.

US Soccer mandates:

No further discussion at this meeting.


No updates this meeting.


No updates this meeting.

 Game Assignments& Refs:

Atul asked that any reschedule of games should be done at least 2 weeks before the actual game as it has a ripple effect on other games.

He mentioned there is a need for more refs.  (Certification, however, is closed for 2018)


We will not be using street signs for tryouts this year – their effectiveness is questionable.   Tom will try to do more with Facebook and public access channel.

Website Administrator:

No updates this meeting.


Field lining continues as it was not fully completed.   It will occur this coming Saturday starting at 8:30.  Primarily will work on field 2 and changing nets on field 3 & 4.

For small sided fields, use field 1, field 2 is bad.

Field 4 is not yet lined and is closed until May.

Fields need cutting.  Rec is supposed to cut them tomorrow.

Please note that Field 8 and Field 6 are for games only.  If other fields are open other than 1, 6, and 8, use them for practices.

Schedule for training will be adjusted to handle everyone having a field to play on.


No update this meeting.


No updates this meeting.


Discount cards should be ready by the middle of next week.  Tom will start to distribute after he gets them.

Motion to adjourn general meeting at 9:15. Seconded by all present