League/MUTS Forms

Spring 2013 Tryouts – Player Registration Form – Registration_Form_2014-2015 Season

Determine Your Child’s Age Division by Birthdate

NJYS Travel Team Age Divisions – 2013-2014 Season (use this through Spring 2014 Season)

NJYS Travel Team Age Divisions – 2014-2015 Season (use this to determine your child’s Age Division for the upcoming Fall 2014/Spring 2015 Season)

NJYS Medical Release Form – 2013-2014 – NJYS Medical Release Form PDF or NJYS Medical Release Form MS Word Doc

NJYS Player Membership Form – 2013-2014 – Player Membership Form PDF or Player Mermbership Form MS Word Doc

NJYS Volunteer Coach Membership Form – 2013-2014 – Volunteer Coach Member Form PDF or Volunteer Coach Mermbership Form MS Word Doc

NJYS Kidsafe Disclosure Statement Form – 2013-2014 – KidSafe Disclosure Statement PDF or KidSafe Disclosure Statement MS Word Doc

NJYS Kidsafe Program Club Certification Form – 2013-2014 – KidSafe Program Club Certification PDF or KidSafe Program Club Certification MS Word Doc