Thunder/Lightning/Rain – 2006/2007 Girls (Fall 2017/Spring 2018) – All Players Welcome!


Craig Munson –

Roman Mamotyuk –

Vaso Todoric –

Neal Desai –

Patrick Greenleaf –

Alan Brown –

Tom Wolstencroft –


Lead – Luvena Levy –

Asst. – Vita Yanchuk –

Asst. – Marnie Kondas –


If anyone is interested in joining our group, please contact coach Roman to schedule an evaluation of our coaches, training methods and environment to see if its a good fit for you. Players may come to training with us anytime during the year for any reason and any season. In order for your child to be eligible to play for the Thunder/Lighting/Rain group, your child must be born in or after 2007 or 2006. If you have any questions, please contact Coach Roman at the e-mail addresses listed above.  The MUTS Thunder/Lightning/Rain are headed into their 4th year together, starting from the 2014 Fall Season.

The focus is on individual player development within our own methodology in all 4 pillars of player development(Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psycho-Social). The coaches are all concussion awareness certified, and licensed by NJYS.  The coaches are committed to furthering their own development in many different educational pathways that allow us to develop our own curriculum and training methodology. Our training methodology is taken the best parts from all different educational pathways such as the USSF, United Soccer Coaches, Coerver, La Liga, US Youth Soccer and our own backgrounds and experiences.   The Thunder/Lightning/Rain are a group of players that train together no matter what level the child is currently at, to fully understand our training methods and ideas please come to our training sessions to evaluate us.

The players are the leaders on the team, with coaches, managers and parents supporting the direction of the players.  We have open training 3x per week and goal keeper training 2x per week.  Training is not mandatory but it is required to improve as a player.  All players must play to improve and enjoy the game so our policy is that every player plays a minimum of half the game in each game that they come too.  We have 3 registered teams at different levels that maximizes opportunities to play for all players and gives players different exposures depending on where they are in their development pathway.  To learn more about our program please contact coach Roman at the email above.

Annual Schedule:

Winter Indoor Training Schedule(Jan 1 – March 31)

Spring Outdoor Schedule(April 1 – June 23)

Summer Training Schedule(July 14th – August 31)

Fall Outdoor Schedule(September 1 – November 18)

COST – (Training – 3x a week, 2x a week Goal Keeper Training, Facility, League and Ref Fees, Club Fees, Rec Fees, Uniforms(every two years) – $600/player per year approximately)

Directions to the Millstone United Travel Soccer Brandywine Soccer Complex

Directions to the Winter Indoor Training at the Millstone Elementary School


Cost can exceed $600 per year if you choose to buy recommended warmup suits, backpacks and other fun accessories, ($150-$200 per individual player).  Also, cost can vary year to year depending on leagues and number of players on the roster.  Tournament expenses can also be added to these totals, approximate amount for tournaments can be around $100-$200 per player depending on number of players participating. Total cost will range from player to player, minimum budget should be $600/year to $1000/year).  We do offer a team scholarship for any players or families with financial hardships where we offset the cost of participation by more then half, contact coach Roman for more information on this.

Training Uniform: Grey Top, Royal Blue Soccer Short, Royal Blue Soccer Sock. (CLICK HERE TO ORDER UNIFORMS) – password: millstonepass

Every player should bring the following to practice:

  • Shin guards (required)
  • Soccer cleats (molded bottoms)
  • Plenty of water
  • No Earrings/Necklaces or Jewelry of any kind
  • Proper clothing for the weather

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